As the son and brother of U.S. Marines, Matt stands strongly with our veterans. They have made tremendous sacrifices for our nation and their families and they deserve to be treated with respect, honor and to receive the care they were promised — but this hasn’t always been the case.


The issues we face with the VA are a direct result of a lack of leadership and accountability. We must continue to fight the D.C. status quo and work to unwind the red tape at the VA with more legislation like the VA IT Reform Bill that Matt introduced this year, which passed unanimously through the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Too many veterans are put on long wait lists, can’t see a doctor in a reasonable amount of time or receive the health care they need when they need it. Our veterans deserve much better.


Matt’s committed to fixing this problem, listening to our veterans, and getting them the health care they were promised.


Matt and his wife, Jean, are also proud to be supporters of the Wounded Warriors program, opening up their home and ranch to veterans and their families to recreate and hunt.