The people of Montana have made it very clear that they oppose a federal lands transfer. Matt’s listened and completely agrees:




Matt’s committed to protecting and expanding access to our public lands. He will fight back against the Washington bureaucrats who put up gates and lock us out from accessing our public lands. He will stand up to the radical environmentalists who sue to shut down the proper management of our forests. Watching our forests burn every summer isn’t smart policy and Matt has worked to bring much needed reform to public land management.


As a member of the State Land Board, Matt has been responsible for managing and expanding access to over 5 million acres of school trust lands. Matt worked diligently to grant easements and authorize land purchases to over 45,000 acres of previously hard-to-reach areas that are now publicly accessible for more hunting, fishing and other recreational activities.


Matt will always fight to protect and defend our public lands. As your U.S. Congressman, Matt believes that our public lands must always stay in public hands.